All the clips and standing ovations from this video were take only from 8 shows in November 2013.


Current Repertoire Highlights:

Set Fire to the Rain ~ Adele

Rhapsody ~ William Joseph/David Foster

Malagueuna ~ Ernesto Lecuona

Paper Cutting Trick ~ Original Garin illusion

Kashmir ~ Led Zeppelin

Moonlight Sonata/Titanic ~ Jeff Harn/Beethoven – Garin Bader arrangement

Viva la Vida ~ Coldplay

Handcuff Escape and Close-up magic

Phantom of the Opera ~ Garin Bader arrangement

Crazy Rhythm ~ Irving Caesar, Joseph Meyer, and Roger Wolfe Kahn

Tchaikovsky Piano Concerto ~ Tchaikovsky/Garin Bader arrangement

Rhapsody in Blue ~ George Gerswhin

Coming Soon: Bat Out of Hell ~ Meatloaf