1) Piano Music CD’s


Garin Bader is the Winner of 13 International Piano Competitions
and Will Inspire Your Imaginations and Heart with his Piano CD’s

 resourceGarin Bader’s piano CD’s and relaxing piano music will take you on a musical and magical journey where the passion of his music and engaging storytelling will inspire your imaginations and transport your hearts and minds to a storybook world where you can be anyone, anywhere, at any time in without ever having leaving your living room or office.

Garin’s passion and exhilarating piano playing will ignite your imaginations and stir your emotions. In his live concerts throughout the world, Garin is well known for his captivating storytelling that makes his romantic piano music come alive. And then, when he sits down to play, the engaging stories immediately bring to life his “musical portraits” with landscapes that evoke images of romantic settings and exotic adventures. You’ll be taken on an emotional journey of the heart and the imagination. Enjoy listening to the samples…



Three “Exhileratingly Beautiful” Piano CD’s


One Heart’s Journey


Musical portraits and landscapes evoke images of romantic settings and exotic adventures. This DVD is an enchanting musical scrapbook of Garin’s fantastic travels around the world.

A special eight-page booklet of stories written by Garin along with specially selected photos captivates your imaginations. You’ll actually feel yourself whisked-away to exotic and romantic lands by the contemporary spirit of a classical master.

One Heart’s Journey not only explores our world, but also our hearts. The storiesand music make it the perfect gift album for relaxation, romance, or breathing life into the young imaginations of your children or grandchildren. Click here for more details and listen to free piano music samples.


La Serenade


The bestselling relaxing piano music DVD. Garin’s piano mastery musically moves you to a state of soulful Zen. There is no better way to relax and tap into your heart and soul. Click here for more details and and listen to free piano music samples.


Romancing The Piano



Romancing The Piano – This highly acclaimed DVD is a mixture virtuoso “war-horses” as well as beautiful reflective pieces by Frederic Chopin and others.  

Garin delivers the works of the classical masters with his powerful and heartfelt style. The classics will never sound more captivating than in the hands of this amazing virtuoso. Click here for more details and listen to free piano music samples.

“His music will transport you to another world and the passion in his playing will engage your imaginations….”
– Edward Specht
The Gardens, Carlsbad CA

2) CoreForce Energy: The Superhuman Strength and Speed Accelerant for Peak Performance Training and Mental Focus:

The Astonishing System that Instantly Gives You Super Strength and Speed. Achieve Your Power Zenith and order this amazing life-changing system.

CoreForce Energy is a direct way to harness that 95% of both brain and muscular power that scientists say we don’t use.

CoreForce Energy optimally fuses your mind and body together with unique and power techniques to work as one unit. This high voltage synergy will give you extreme strength and results that are truly astounding regardless of your athletic abilities, gender, or age. Click here for more info on fusing your mind and body together for superhuman strength 

“Garin Bader is a modern day Leonardo Da Vinci. I have never met anyone who has mastered so many things. From music to magic to martial arts, fitness, mind power, drawing and more – the guy is a phenom that we can and should learn from.” – Matt Furey
author of Combat Conditioning and The Unbeatable Man

3. Ultimate Finger Exercises for Super Finger Strength & Hand Strength Conditioning
Garin Bader's Dynamic Finger Exercises

 Super Hand Conditioning – Garin Bader’s Finger Strength Exercises is a dynamic 3-DVD course revealing the unique and powerful exercises Garin uses to give him extreme strength, flexibility, and dexterity in his career as an award-winning concert pianist, master illusionist, martial artist, sculptor, painter, and creator CoreForce Energy.

No matter what you do, all the exercises will give you great benefits whether you do two finger pushups, play the piano, sculpt, paint, or just want to have the power and sensitivity to give a great message.

These fun and highly detailed exercises will certainly engage your creative spirit and give you the sense that you’re hands are taking on a new life.

These 3 DVD’s will give you a real understanding of how to flow your energy and also sit everyday and will reveal ways to help keep you from building up terrible tension in your shoulders and neck.

You learn how even your seating position in some cases can give you debilitating carpal tunnel. And, in that case, you’ll understand how to correct the cause rather than quiet the symptoms.

These exercises have been the cornerstone of his remarkable training in many arts and also the foundation of his world-class piano technique that has garnered him gold medals in thirteen international piano competitions in his career. This was accomplished by years and years of practicing 8-13 hours a day – and not a bout of carpal tunnel to slow him down.

Garin know a lot about using his hands in many fields and these phenomenal exercises that you can do anywhere without equipment will strengthened and protect hands and give you extreme dexterity and flexibility too. Read more about Garin Bader’s super finger exercises and hand strength conditioning course