Piano Music CD’s

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One Heart’s Journey

Musical portraits and landscapes evoke images of romantic settings and exotic adventures in Garin’s classical new age piano album that is filled with exquisitely beautiful piano music.

These are Garin’s original new age piano compositions that have a strong classical flair.

Garin has included a picturesque eight page booklet describing the settings and inspiration behind the music with pictures that make the music vivid and filled with life from the vividness of your inspired imaginations.

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La Serenade

This bestselling relaxing piano music CD is great for meditation, relaxing dinner music, or candle light romantic evenings.

Listeners from around the world enjoy this enjoy this ablum that contains light classical piano music that will soothe and energize your soul.

“You’ll be moved by Garin’s exquisite and passionate interpretations.”


Romancing The Piano

This highly acclaimed classical piano music CD is a mixture Garin’s virtuoso “war-horses” as well as reflective and beautiful piano music.

You’ll hear electrifiying and passion-filled selections by Frederic Chopin, Franz Liszt, Rachmaninoff, and Bach.

This album clearly demonstrates that Garin is a concert pianist virtuoso par excellence and why he is the winner of 13 international piano competitions including the Gold Medalist of the International NY Chopin Competition.