The Fairy’s Flight



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As promised, here’s the download link to the free mp3 music file of my original song I composed and perform in my concerts throughout the world called, “The Fairy’s Flight”. Download it to your computer by clicking the link below to listen.

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IMPORTANT: The Fairy’s Flight 

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the song to your computer


The Story Behind the Song…




Upon a small leaf glistening with the sparkle of moisture from morning dew, a beautiful fairy is delicately perched who has somehow forgotten her true spirit and magical gifts.

Not understanding completely how she lost her way, the pain and soreness in her heart cloud her memory of how she used to fly through the forest spreading her love with magic trails of pixie dust. The weight of her heart without passion makes her feel like she can no longer fly.

Life all around her is no longer the same without her special exuberance and joy.

It is the enchanting fluttering of her of wings to the music of the forest that finally merge together to create the song that lifts up her spirit and reawakens her inner passion once again.

Her flight is unstable and awkward at first as she attempts to fly again, but the song of flight energizes her wings with new strength and she once again learns to trust herself, her mission to spread her special Magic, and in her ability to fly and soar to new heights – effortlessly. It’s with this renewed magic that she learns to fly and soar to new heights.


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